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Why Beirdo?

Here's a list of why we think you should choose Beirdo Beard Company:

Quality products.

First and foremost you want a healthy and vibrant beard. We use quality, all natural ingredients to help nourish and hydrate your hair follicles and skin underneath.

Made to order.

We never grab an old tin or bottle off the shelf. We create your beard balm and/or beard oil as soon as your order comes in. Depending on your order, your package goes out that day or first thing the next day.

Quick shipping.

We constantly get feedback from customers that tell us that, out of all of the beard products they've ordered online, ours gets there the quickest!

Customer service.

We take pride in giving you a friendly and timely response to your comments and questions about our products … or even about life!

Packaging inserts.

Every order we ship out includes fun extras! It could be free sample scents, discount codes, new products to try out before they hit the store, and even tchotchkes!

Customer appreciation.

Every order we ship out includes a personal, handwritten thank you note. There are a ton of beard care companies out there and we really appreciate that you chose Beirdo.
These are just some of the ways we try to make you a happy, loyal, and returning customer!

If there's anything you think we could do better, just tell us.


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